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Is it possible to get a scythe at this time?

Is it possible to get a scythe at this time?

If possible, tell me how?

Tue Apr 21 2020 11:21:58 GMT-0400 (EDT) by RV_11720

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juioguima Tue Apr 21 2020 12:31:47 GMT-0400 (EDT)

yes and no. the scythe is a special weapon just like the no_weapon weapon, you can check it by opening the developer console (just press F12) and typing "COMMON.armory", this will show all the equipament in the game, i think you can buy any of them as long as you have enough coins. the scythe has this field -> price: 999999999 not very useful considering we are limited to 12k per day, this would take around 83333 days or 228 years..

here are some other status: attackDuration: 0.5 chargeStaminaUsage: 0.5 chargeTime: 0.75 meleeDamage: 5 meleeForce: 220 meleeRange: 60 material: "metal" sound: "weapons/scythe_swing" soundRate: 1 speed: 0 spell_one: "massPull" subtype: "melee" type: "weapon"

here is a list with all the armory properties. just in case you're too dumb to open the developer console as i said:

RV_11720 Tue Apr 21 2020 12:45:20 GMT-0400 (EDT)


sam lee woods Tue Apr 21 2020 16:25:15 GMT-0400 (EDT)

i had no fucking idea somone could be so wise in the ways of nerd

Arcanine_ Wed Apr 22 2020 21:09:01 GMT-0400 (EDT)

No it's not. It was available in October 2018 (I believe) - November. The only way to get it now is to hack the game. juioguima's right, if you could buy it, it would take a few lifetimes to get.