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Hangover salty loooooooooollllllllllllllllll

Today someone beat hangover in broswers 3-0 And he got so mad lool we should all weapon abuse on him because he is a hacker

Thu May 07 2020 13:50:40 GMT-0400 (EDT) by Augurdewey

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ZagZag Thu May 07 2020 14:58:33 GMT-0400 (EDT)

On arena\browars i always play fair with a legit weapon such as sword until any of ape against me start to abuse throw glitch. I even allowed you to play 2x1 vs me but abusing throw glitch is a pathetic playstyle for retarded apes. So dont talk shit autistic idiots

sam lee woods Thu May 07 2020 18:00:31 GMT-0400 (EDT)

i agree i hate evryone who dose that.

Elendil Fri May 08 2020 05:16:26 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Yes, Hangover has a strange vision of the game. For him, it's fair to use scythe, but not to run (often to avoid the scythe), or to use the commands of the game, like throwing weapon. If you use your keyboard and your mouse, Hangover considers that you are unfair, and if you don't use, the hacker considers that you are stupid. Throwing weapon is not abuse. In real life, if you lauch an axe on the head of someone, he will die. This game is well made : throwing weapon only does 3 dammages, and you have no weapon during 15 seconds. And it's quite difficult to lauch it just when the opponent stands up. The game allows it, so it's fair. But I noticed another interesting fact : in browars, Hangover play against new players who have no account, to gain experience. Just an other way to cheat... Where is fairplay ?

Habibi32 Fri May 08 2020 07:14:58 GMT-0400 (EDT)

You such a lying little ape... Loot at your arena\browars\fort gameplay... You just running away from your opponent and when you seccessfully cathed him with roll\dash you abusing glitch throw. Yo do it all time since this bug is happend, long before i got a scythe. You abusing it nonstop. In browars i play not against new players, i play with bot in my team to have chance to find game with anyone ( with such a garbage lying trash like you for example who always attacking 2x1 and abusing glitch). So you have not right to talk about anyone since you are honorless ape

Habibi32 Fri May 08 2020 07:15:10 GMT-0400 (EDT)


Habibi32 Fri May 08 2020 07:25:19 GMT-0400 (EDT)

"And it's quite difficult to lauch it just when the opponent stands up."- AHAHAHAHAH WTF? ITS UNBLOCKABLE YOU FUCKING MORON. THERE IS NO NEED HUGE BRAIN TO ABUSE IT

Elendil Fri May 08 2020 08:10:01 GMT-0400 (EDT)

I thought at least you knew the game. But no. The game that you talk is rock- paper-scissors. Or hit-block-roll if you prefer, with just different damages depending on your choice. It was this 5 years ago, but the game has evolved (not only in a good way I admit it, since the winter update). Adapt youself. Now, you can use items in main mode, you can use space (with run), fires, the market, bots, other players... etc in your favour.

And stop saying throwing weapon is abuse. You can't avoid dammages when you are stunned and have no dash, so you must try to not hit players who use shield. It's the same when a player rolls on you : if you don't avoid, you get damage. The only difference is that your opponent has a price to pay : no weapon during 15 seconds. And it's not a disadvantage for you : you can also launch your scythe to finish your opponent. Just adapt to the game rules.

I'm sad to see you continue to behave like a child. You are strong in 1vs1 in an enclosed space, but you could learn a lot of others. Make friends in this nice game, respect all others, and exchange strategies to teach and learn. It will be better for all. If a day you change your mind, say me =)

Habibi32 Fri May 08 2020 09:08:13 GMT-0400 (EDT)

if i will run as well as you, it will be endless fight of 2 idiots, its stupid playstyle for fort ape who tries to avoid death espessially while it have many bones. Fort mode is for unskilled trash runner like you but i dont care about this mode, i care about arena\browars because only this two modes allows you to abuse throw glitch There is nothing to learn, each braindamaged ape can running away and try to catch opponent with randomly pressed roll or other shit aimed to your chaser. I don't say that throwing weapon is abuse, i said it about ublockable throw to knocked down player which you exploit all time. Dont try to convince us that its normal to exploit it, its pathetic bug that should be fixed.

Arcanine_ Wed May 13 2020 19:52:33 GMT-0400 (EDT)

@Habibi32 if you ever saw Anthony Agard play, you would know the real meaning of running.

Press F Tue May 19 2020 19:56:47 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Lmao, agreed, and hi Arcanine, how are you brotha xd.

Press F Tue May 19 2020 23:11:47 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Oh you're prolly hangover, member when I rekt you and you went tryhard on me? LOL. you never stop playin this game, thats why you get these high ranks you illiterate fuck.

Press F Tue May 19 2020 23:16:13 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Dude, why did fort have the most players back then Hm? I guarantee you that if Bilbo was still playing as much as he did, he would RECK you. He playd fort all the time, it was his main place.

Augurdewey Fri May 15 2020 19:23:48 GMT-0400 (EDT)

so ez rofl

Press F Tue May 19 2020 19:57:01 GMT-0400 (EDT)


COCKSUCKER Fri Jul 03 2020 10:47:27 GMT-0400 (EDT)

funny how he used to abuse throw all the time when he used to play me before now he's sucking axes on his head and getting angry like a chihuahua