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Rustem has beaten me convincingly - tips about goalkeeper - Ronaldo 7 is about to surpass me.

Hi everybody, I now can borrow laptop, and challenge anybody, or team up with you. I can only play this game for 3 more months. In July, I will use my own laptop, and give up on this game. Also, I do not think I will play much in this game because I need to go swimming.


Sometimes, you accidentially click the mouse on the outside area of the game window. Consequently, you cannot control keyboard during the game. Here is how to fix. For me, I just randomly, continuously tap my fingers on all keys at once. A few months ago, there is only 50% chance that this trick works, but now, it is more than 90%.

<< Intel on bots >>

If there are two calls at the same time, striker will pass the ball to the closest person.

When a defender is holding a chair, you will never run the ball near the defender.

The defender will pass the ball to you if you are between striker and the defender, otherwise, defender will pass the ball to striker. If the both you are striker are between goalkeeper and defender, then defender probably keeps the ball without passing and run to the other side of the field (when reaching the half of the field, the defender just kicks the ball randomly)

Striker sometimes is helpful and sometimes is not. Yes, striker is possible to make an amazing score like any player.

The direction that either the defender or the striker passes the ball depends on whether there is a player from the opponent team stands between the defender and the striker or the player of the home team.

The only way to steal the ball from defender or striker is to tackle down them. In other words, if you try to come near defender or striker, it will tackle down you.

When either the striker or the defender passes you the ball, and you stand too close, you will fail to catch the ball 80% of time. The reason is that the bot will pass the ball with weak strength, and low accuracy.

Also, you should stand still at the moment when striker or the defender passes you the ball.

When you see the goalkeeper keeps run up and down, back and ward, if youo decide to shoot the ball, you have 50% chance of scoring. In other words, after you shoot the ball, and the ball approaches the goalkeeper, he just keeps running up and down, back and forward.

When you make a long-distance shot, there is a trick that makes the goalkeeper moves out of where he stands so that the ball goes straight to the net.

As long as the goalkeeper holds the chair, he is no longer be able to catch the ball.

When you make a long distant-shot, and the striker is near the goalkeeper, there is a high chance that the striker can tackle the goalkeeper, or steal the ball from the goalkeeper. In either way, the strike helps the ball get in the net.

[ this tip is about screen ] I use the screen at 100%. In my opinion, 90% or 100% are fine. Other screen sizes have problem. For example, below 85% will cause inaccuracy in tackle and pass the ball.

When the ball is between you and the goalkeeper, and only you and goalkeeper are approaching the ball, you can tackle the goalkeeper and win the ball. Another way is to shoot immediately.

When the ball is on the air, just follow its shadow, and you can catch the ball

When you tackle a person who is having the ball, there is no way to know the position of the ball after you tackle.

The goalkeeper can keep the ball and run to the middle of the field if the goalkeeper is the closest to the opponent net.

If your team is on the left, then you can score by long-distance shot if you aim at the lower part of the opponent net. On the other hand, if your team is on the right, then you can make long-distance shot at any part of the opponent net.

I use sound cue to locate my teammate who says hey.

...there are some more, but I am busy now

<<< No mouse challenge >>>

hello, everyone, I am trying to play this game against strong players with no mouse. Normally, I will not tackle down other players unnecessarily, but if you see me tackle you for no reasons in the middle of the game. Then, I am playing with no mouse.

<< this message for everyone >>

hello, I am in room with key GOAL, and so if you see me playing, please join my room GOAL {Rustem, Darkop, Ronaldo 7, Thib, Onager, Momo, Daux, Pedro, Matin Wolfon, Dead Meat, Tostoy, Zelda }

Update list: {Slytherin, Libero, Camoka, Fraco, Pedro Rodrigues }

Note: when in room, only the person with OP can starts the team game, so please do not forget click the 'start' button

Sun Feb 24 2019 15:07:48 GMT-0500 (EST) by chesstitans

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Salamun Sun Feb 24 2019 18:10:36 GMT-0500 (EST)

r u asking for help in this game??

Onager Mon Feb 25 2019 15:02:08 GMT-0500 (EST)

I don't play an hour per day, but in many time with computer players, I don't know why. When there are 1-2 player(s), and I lead on, they are exiting, and I'm alone again.

But, when I'm playing with other players, I'm scoring much too. ;)

Ronaldo 7 Fri Mar 01 2019 18:48:15 GMT-0500 (EST)

Hello, haha I'm sorry, I had not time to read this, thanks for the invitation to play, it seems perfect, now when I see you connected I will not hesitate to play on your side

Ronaldo 7 Mon Mar 04 2019 23:38:22 GMT-0500 (EST)

Chesstitans I just played with you, on your team and against, they were very exciting matches. You are a great player, I hope to play with you again :)

chesstitans Tue Mar 05 2019 01:18:17 GMT-0500 (EST)

You are now better than me. Beat me in 2 matches by long-distance scoring !!

The anti-long distant plan is to use 2 players against 3 players, then pass the ball to the third player to make a goal.

chesstitans Tue Mar 05 2019 01:20:27 GMT-0500 (EST)

or the third player tackle down the goal keeper to make a goal easier.

In short, there is no real anti-long distant goal.

Ronaldo 7 Thu Mar 14 2019 20:04:15 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Chesstitans, Great match that of a moment ago, was very even, the only drawback is that my partner did nothing :( Good game crack:)

chesstitans Sat Mar 16 2019 23:44:45 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Ronaldo 7, do you know the guest 177566, he has the purple T-shirt and dark skin color. He reminds of the toughest player that I have ever played against, Dave.

Dave now quits the game, but he alone beats 3 strongest players at that time. Also, Dave is able to keep the ball and score without passing the ball. Yes, he does not even use speed running, just AWSD to keep his ball. Dave does not know to score long-distant goal.

Guest 177566 is good, but he is not as good as Dave, but I want to have a rematch against him.

martin wolfron Sat Mar 02 2019 10:40:31 GMT-0500 (EST)

Wow. It's great invitation. :-))

Slytherin Tue Mar 05 2019 05:43:01 GMT-0500 (EST)

Thanks for the invite! I'll look for you when I'm online (which isn't very much).

Rackpit Tue Mar 12 2019 09:10:31 GMT-0400 (EDT)

I would like to join in if possible.

chesstitans Tue Mar 12 2019 19:53:32 GMT-0400 (EDT)

sure, you can.

Libero Tue Mar 12 2019 12:07:40 GMT-0400 (EDT)

In my opinion, the most fun games have occured when 3 good players have played against 3 good players. However, this almost never happens for a number of reasons. Firstly, even if two players join a new game at the same time they might randomly end up in two different games. Secondly, we're not all online at the same time of day or on the same days. Thirdly, as far as I know, there is no way to check who else is online. Fourthly, a lot of other people will randomly join the game, blocking another from joining. Fifthly, joining a "room" or team of 3 people is a good start, but it only solves half the problem, and also it is more fun to play 2 versus 2 than 3 versus 0 and the room doesn't automatically fix that. I would not mind new players in these games either, as long as both teams are about the same strength. Lastly, I don't know if anyone of you have coordinated things via Discord, but I don't know how Discord works so I don't know if that is a good solution.

Possible solutions: 1) We could decide on specific times/dates so that we know when more players are likely to be online at the same time. 2) We could ask the creator of the game to add features, e.g. to see who else is online, and be able to select not only teammates, but also opponents, and maybe a live chat window to help arrange matches. However, they might be busy doing other stuff as they don't get paid for updates, if I understood things correctly. 3) Using the room (if you are ok with this, chesstitans) GOAL, we could let everyone join this room every time they login, and when that room is full, people will know to join e.g. a room called GOAL2 and everybody will know that there are two teams out there and will just have to sync their games.

Libero Tue Mar 12 2019 14:44:16 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Additionally, there are lots of people online right now, but randomly we end up in separate games, then back in the same game, then alone with bots et cetera. And of course, very few people are likely to see this message, which makes things more difficult.

Slytherin Tue Mar 12 2019 14:58:19 GMT-0400 (EDT)

These are some great points Libero.

I've player Rez games for a few years now and typically releases to games come very slowly but when they do are usually so signifcant it is like a whole new game. So for the (possibly) long term, we have what we have.

Until better tools are created and implimented in-game, we should utalize things such as the room names and a Discord chat server.

chesstitans Tue Mar 12 2019 20:06:38 GMT-0400 (EDT)

@Slytherin, it is good to hear information from you.

@Libero, correct, I have never been in a team before. Forming a good team of 3 good players is almost impossible. This is why both I and ronaldo 7 want the game to have tournament.

@Libero, I just update the list.

Libero Wed Mar 13 2019 16:24:16 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Maybe it could be done quite easily without having to have tournaments. Maybe if the "room" was expanded from 3 to 6 slots, and it doesn't have to be exactly 6 players, the teams could be balanced either by changing teams randomly each game, or selecting which side to join. I am not a programmer, but the function to keep players together already exists in the game (I've seen at least Zach and 123 stay together, and 07spice, 07salt and 07sugar so I know the room works) and it seems easy to just change 3 to either 6 or 3+3. But I don't code so I don't know.