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Increase tablet-friendliness

I'm trying to use the tool on my Mac using a Wacom tablet.

It's almost unusable because without a mouse I can't switch layers easily. Almost not at all. Two-finger scrolling with the trackpad is super-sensitive, so going up or down just one layer is next to impossible. And I didn't find any other way to go between layers, neither a hotkey nor a button in the UI (might be missing it I guess -- if so, my bad).

Something like Q+E for going up/down the stack would be perfect: this way I could just keep my left hand on WASD+QE and draw away with my stylus. But E is taken, so perhaps T/G? I mean, you get the idea. :) By the way, WASD to select color is ingenious!

Woud be cool to have a dedicated eraser tool instead of just right-click because right-clicking is another thing that's not super convenient on a tablet.

Same for middle clicks, and same for zooming. I know it looks like several requests in one post, but it's really different facets of the same issue: losing features when using a tablet instead of a mouse.

Thanks for reading!

Sat Mar 02 2019 05:54:32 GMT-0500 (EST) by 13x666

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rezoner Mon Mar 04 2019 02:08:59 GMT-0500 (EST)

Ok I will look into adding all the missing UI elements and think about keyboard customization. It will take some time as I still have to spend the most of the time on establishing market for this tool.

Sprite Stack Sat Jun 15 2019 02:44:18 GMT-0400 (EDT)

I have added a lot of new controls and dedicated Eraser tool. Let me know what you think about it.