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Colour Palletes/Colour Picker

Hi Rezoner,

Would it be a good idea to add a tier to the with a custom colour palette/colour picker. I think people'd be happy to pay for it as i'd love to use this in game projects. And frankly i'm too lazy to export into aseprite and then change the colors manually.

Regards, Ian Hogers AKA SanCoca

Sun Mar 03 2019 00:10:31 GMT-0500 (EST) by Ian Hogers

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FrankenGraphics Mon Mar 04 2019 11:54:05 GMT-0500 (EST)

I like this idea. The # of colours could even be the same. I'm mainly interested in using 3 colours (+ splash background) out of the NES master palette at any one time, since the NES/FC is my main medium and keeping more than one attribute of 3 colours per metasprite object would be tricky to do with 3d rotation. Others mights like to import the C16 palette or the PICO-8 one, for example.

FrankenGraphics Mon Mar 04 2019 11:55:01 GMT-0500 (EST)

C64 palette* ... mixed it up with it having 16 colours, lol.