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Resizing the page makes the canvas disappear

If the canvas completely squishes after resizing the browser window, it doesn't appear after resizing back. Also happens when the page is loaded in a small window. Save button still works, so no progress is lost. Happens in FF 65.0.1 and Chromium 71.0.3578.98.


Mon Mar 04 2019 08:46:16 GMT-0500 (EST) by Who Knows

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Ian Hogers Mon Mar 04 2019 22:02:46 GMT-0500 (EST)

I've checked into this and noticed that as soon as the canvas has a width of 0 the page throws an error and can't recover.

Suggested solutions:

  • Never resize to less than 100 px
  • Don't resize if result will be a height or width of 0
  • catch error