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Two important features that I hope can be achieved

I bought this software on steam, a great software. Two important features that I hope can be achieved, 1,Animator window,Can hide an object separately,Some objects are drafts, or don't need to be displayed for a while, but the animated interface always shows it, which bothers me.

2,Can import multiple .vox files in one project,Each .vox file becomes an object,In order to animate, I need to split the object, but I use MagicaVoxel to model it and it's hard to split it in SpriteStack. In addition, some common components, such as special effects, common objects, need to be imported into a project. Thanks.

Sun Jul 21 2019 22:11:03 GMT-0400 (EDT) by Duelyst

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rezoner Tue Jul 23 2019 05:33:53 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Yes. Both things are acceptable. I will deliver.