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Cannot Start Wall Mode In Top-Down View

How do I get out of top-down view?

This is what it tells me if I hit space. I've rotated on every axis... I don't know what I'm missing.

Tue Jul 23 2019 23:04:22 GMT-0400 (EDT) by KainMarko

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KainMarko Thu Jul 25 2019 01:51:11 GMT-0400 (EDT)

So after looking through more documentation it looks like tab is supposed to change between the two.

Tab does nothing for me. This is really unfortunate as doing this all in top down view is a real pain.

christian001 Thu Jul 25 2019 03:08:52 GMT-0400 (EDT)

I just bought the software on, have the same problem. I'm on mac btw. Seems like this is something that used to work but stopped working? Fantastic program otherwise, but fixing this would remove so much pain from my life.

KainMarko Thu Jul 25 2019 22:39:56 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Yeah if there's no resolution for this I really won't be using it and will try to return it. Makes it a real pain to draw anything.

rezoner Fri Jul 26 2019 06:49:54 GMT-0400 (EDT)

I have removed wall mode as users considered it confusing and sticked with top-down.

KainMarko Fri Jul 26 2019 09:56:23 GMT-0400 (EDT)

After looking at tutorials it looks way easier to work in a 3D medium..

If the users were confused; they could just opt to not use it, no?

rezoner Tue Jul 30 2019 17:25:42 GMT-0400 (EDT)

I have revived the "3d" mode in a brush tool for your pleasure :)